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Atari 2600 Variant Labels

Activision Labels

Label Variations
Cartridge Mold Differences

Below are the various Activision variations. We are showing you samples of scans so you can better understand what you are looking for. We're starting with labels and sometime in the future will add boxes.


Above is a sample of one of the titles where detailed color was added to the screenshot of the standard label release. Other titles that had this variation are Barnstorming, Fishing Derby, Grand Prix, and Kaboom. Some of the international releases also have colored screenshots.


Above is the -04 versions. We are showing you the blue, white, and black label text versions. Note that each has a product number in the bottom right corner of the main label. Salu versions of Activision titles, with the white label, do not have the product number, and are not considered Activision variations.


The variation above I believe only occurs in 4 titles. These are English/French versions. The titles are Boxing, Ice Hocky, Skiing, and Tennis. I'm showing both the regular version and English/French version of Skiing. The English/French versions are Canadian, and the product number starts with CAG or CAX.


Above we show 3 different versions of International labels. The first has "International Edition" on the main label, but is entirely in English. These always have product numbers that begin PAG/PAX. The middle one also has "International Edition" on the main label, but the label has 5 different languages. These always have product numbers that begin EAG/EAX. Oink on the right is also a 5 language label, but does not say "International Edition" on the main label. This version also always begins with EAG/EAX.