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Atari 2600 Variant Labels

M Network Labels

Label Variations
Cartridge Mold Differences

Below are the M Network variations. We are showing you samples of scans so you can better understand what you are looking for. We're starting with labels and sometime in the future will add boxes.


The mold variations are extremely complex and was covered indepth on the other page. The labels are rather simple. There are black labels with blue text and white labels with black text. Labels are made in various countries. Korea, Hong Kong, Phillipines, Singapore, and the US are the known locations. Not all labels are made in all countries. Obviously the black label is on the top and the white is on the bottom. The white label is always harder to find than black labels in general, but with mold variations, some specific black labels may be very hard to come by. All white labels have the same name as the black label counterparts except for Super Challenge Baseball which is just Baseball, and Super Challenge Football, which is just Football. We're showing you the Baseball example.