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Atari 2600 Variant Labels
Spectravision Labels
Label Variations
Cartridge Mold Differences

Below are the Spectravision variations. We are showing you samples of scans so you can better understand what you are looking for. We're starting with labels and sometime in the future will add boxes.


Above we see our first two label variations with Spectravision. On the left is the plain Spectravision. Above the company name there is nothing written. On the right we see Spectravision International. The arrow is pointing at the small line that has the copyright for Spectravision International. We used Tape Worm for this example.


In the photo above we show the other two label variations. We use Nexar, and if I had all four scans of the different versions with this title, would've shown only Nexar. These two labels specifically show the copyright for Spectravideo. The one on the left, though the company name says Spectravision, above it says the copyright date with Spectra Video. This is what is listed in the label variations. The one on the right says Spectra Video International. The white arrows point directly to where you should be looking like the other variations above. Not all games have all variations. In fact some only have one listing while Nexar, I believe, is the only one with possibly all four. So far I have not confirmed any title with all.